[time-nuts] crystal oscillators & TPLL

mike cook mike.cook at orange.fr
Fri Jun 25 08:02:50 UTC 2010

Le 25/06/2010 06:40, Steve Rooke a écrit :

> Perhaps more like yourself would express the same sentiment publicly
> here, that may be the encouragement that Warren needs to take that
> plunge. So please speak up and add your support to Warren. Thank you.
I'll add my vote.  If we had a circuit and software, I for for one would 
be interested in investing a few bucks to build it and enable me to 
measure the stability  of  the oscillators I have. Leaving aside the 
descent into a slanging match between Warren and others on the list old 
enough to know better, I have to sympathize with Warren, as from the 
comparisons done by John (many thanks for your work there John) Warrens' 
approach is "good enough" for my purpose and probably for a large number 
of readers here..

Heaven forbid that I start more mud slinging, but I think that Bruce did 
not take enough notice of  Warrens assertion that his method was "good 
enough". There may be mathematical incompleteness in Warrens' 
implementation and maybe his implementation does not enable measurement 
of adev as defined in the literature, but the model is sufficiently 
close that it not seem to influence the results in the tao range that 
interests me.

> Steve

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