[time-nuts] crystal oscillators & TPLL

Steve Roberts steve at borisone.demon.co.uk
Sat Jun 26 13:24:43 UTC 2010

I imagine that there are people on this list like myself with limited engineering experience
but a healthy appetite for knowledge and an interest in time/frequency measurement.
I have little interest in complex math - an inherent brain block methinks, but enjoy
building hardware and incorporating such 'blocks' into my projects.

I am not necessarily unintelligent - being a Consultant Anaesthetist with 3 degrees,
2 diplomas and currently doing a Masters.
My interest in this list comes form having a HP106, 2 rubidium standards and 2 z3801a
gps units.

Why am I posting on this thread? - simple - I wish to build this beastie described by
Warren and try it out on my equipment. I need more guidance than a block diagram.
Shame on me for being so ignorant but I respectfully request more info (circuit diagram)
emailed privately if necessary.
I am not here to criticise, but enjoy reading the discussions of people so knowledgeable
in this area. I have my own areas of expertise.

Thanks for reading.

steve at borisone.demon.co.uk

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