[time-nuts] Datum TS-2100 firmware updating

ernieperes at aol.com ernieperes at aol.com
Mon Jun 28 11:43:50 UTC 2010

HI Julien,

Do you have a detailed info, docu about the TrueTime  XL-DC??????

I have 2ea of this unit and one is not going to lock.......
Any experience or help appreciated.

Rgds Ernie.

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Subject: [time-nuts] Datum TS-2100 firmware updating

As a first post I thought I'd share a success story.
After a lot of flailing about the magic combination to upgrade a TS-2100
rom old/ROM firmware appears to be to ensure the line endings on the
ile match that of the TFTP host. While it is twitchy about ethernet as
ong as there's no contention it's probably fine.
Serial updates I just couldn't make work.
Up next is to convert the darn thing to Rubidium, like it was meant to
e when I purchased it (insert rant here).
Other toys are a TrueTime XL-DC and Trimble Palisade, along with a
rueTime IRIG-B display.
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