[time-nuts] Geochron or other Time Apps for iPad... anyone?

Mark Amos mark.amos at toast.net
Mon Jun 28 13:25:05 UTC 2010


There is an iPhone/iPad app called Atomic Clock from Gorgy Timing.  It syncs with time servers on the net and, within the limits of my visual cortex, appears 
to keep the same time as my GSPDO referenced clock.


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Subject: [time-nuts] Geochron or other Time Apps for iPad... anyone?
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Instead of a real "Geochron" (www.geochron.com) I saved a big bundle of cash
by purchasing the "World Watch" software from www.exptech.com . But now I'm
wondering if there's anything like that for the iPad (and/or if anyone on
this list would be interested in creating such an App).

Short of that, what's your favorite already-available time-related App for
the iPhone or iPad?


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