[time-nuts] Traceable to NIST...??

Bob Camp lists at rtty.us
Mon Jun 28 22:10:26 UTC 2010


A lot depends on just how much "smarts" is behind the little green light. There's not a lot of information about what they are (or aren't) checking before the light goes green. 

One possibility: 

Check that you have sats in a good constellation for > 24 hours (= check antenna location)
Check C/N on sats stay > 30 db for your constellation (= check feed line and location) 

Check that temperature is stable < 4 C for 24 hours (=  check Rb environment) 
Check the drift rate of the RB is < 1x10^-11 over the 24 hour period (= make sure the Rb isn't broken)
Make sure the lock is stable and the AVAR (or equivalent) looks reasonable (= make sure the loop is working)

Another possibility:

Turn on the green light after we've been locked for > 1 hour (= all must be well if it locked ....)

I'd be a lot more comfortable if I knew that the first set of rules were being used than that the second set. If I actually expected to pass an audit of my setup, then having the basic algorithm information would be needed. 


On Jun 28, 2010, at 4:57 PM, Michael Baker wrote:

> Hello, Time Nutters--
> Traceable to NIST...? All you need is this LPRO Rb osc being
> disciplined by a GPSDO and you can claim NIST traceability?
> Not the way I understand the rules....
> http://www.tenmhz.com/GPSDO.htm
> What say the list?
> Mike Baker
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