[time-nuts] Vectron 1MHz OCXO info?

Dick Moore richiem at hughes.net
Tue Jun 29 07:05:21 UTC 2010

Hi, nuts -- I have an old (70's?) Vectron Model CO-203-3 1MHz OCXO which is the time-base out of a Monsanto 1500A counter. The coarse and fine adjustments in the top of the osc. case don't seem to make much difference in frequency, which is about 10Hz off when the OCXO is warm. That seems like a lot of error to me.

Can anyone shed light on where to find a schematic or any info for what's inside this case? Google has not helped. I've sawn the box open around the base, thinking that would be safer than trying to sweat it open, and I will post a few pix later on.

What about an alternative 1MHz OCXO? Or would it be easier/cheaper to use a 10MHz OCXO with a divider?

I've got a manual for the counter on its way to me, thanks to eBay, which will answer many questions I have, but I'm betting there won't be anything but a block diagram of the OCXO.

Dick Moore

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