[time-nuts] yet another GPSDO design, or so

Attila Kinali attila at kinali.ch
Tue Jun 29 09:10:19 UTC 2010


On Sat, 26 Jun 2010 21:14:02 EDT
EWKehren at aol.com wrote:

> What you want is basically a Shera Board. That design has been around for  
> quite some time and has served me very well. 

Yes. The Shera Board and similar designs serve as an example for me.

> I have a total of six running  
> including two controlling Rubidium. There are in my opinion a couple of  
> problems: not every 4066 works on the design the 18 bit D/A is very hard to 
> find  and now expensive and the single step of the D/A is intended for a 1.7 
> E-13  frequency step. 

Yes. My goal is to update the venerable 4066 with something more
modern and have components that are easy to get trough farnell, digikey,
mouser, and all the other distributors. Yes, 16bit D/A seems to
be the maximum that is currently available. It crossed my mind
to build a 24bit R-2R D/A using discrete components, but this might
have actually a worse performance than a off the shelf 16bit D/A.
(temperature drifft, resistor values missmatch, EMI, etc)

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