[time-nuts] hp10811-60111 on ebay

Paramithiotti, Luciano Paolo S luciano.paramithiotti at hp.com
Tue Jun 29 13:32:33 UTC 2010

"If you want to walk far, walk together" so, the best solution is to buy a surplus ocxo calibrated. May be some frquency standard hobbist have one for you. The 10811 sometime is sold with a small board with a frequency divider to 1MHz and a trimmer to fine tuning it.
I remember you the 10811 need a Ps voltage of 12 and 24 vdc.
If you buy a new one You willnot  receive it calibrated because the DC external control is not included.
Where do you live? May be some ham close tu you can help you.

Luciano IZ5JHJ

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> So it goes without saying that you really don't know what you have 
> unless you can test it in some way. It's OK looking at a table of what 
> someone else has tested for their 10811 but that doesn't mean yours is 
> exactly the same.

And now the big question is, how do i test such an oscillator? I dont have any high precision counter avilable at all. And i dont want to spend the money for a measurement service (for the same money, i could buy a good oscillator new). Or is there anyone new Switzerland who has such equipment who would measure oscillators for me?

			Attila Kinali

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