[time-nuts] Motion effects on accuracy of GPS pps

bg at lysator.liu.se bg at lysator.liu.se
Tue Jun 29 22:16:27 UTC 2010

> As you line up you pseudo-ranges you now have to solve only the T
> variable rather than the XYZT position. This means that all
> pseudo-ranges is available for solving the T solution and reducing the
> TDOP error. The T-RAIM is also able to drop more false-tickers.
> For receivers not having a T mode only but normal 3D or 2D mode, the
> benefit of fixed location is of less concern.
> So, for a receiver at a fixed location knowing it has a fixed location
> it may be a benefit.

Shure, but with the stellar performance of todays GPS system, your average
3D solution is going to be within a few meters, which is below the
resolution for most receivers PPS output.



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