[time-nuts] 60kHz Loop antenna

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Mon Oct 4 11:53:10 EDT 2010

The coil with 50T and 5 foot diameter is 11.5mH.  It would take about 220pf
of self capacitance to make it resonate at 100KHz.

Anyway, if the capacitance is too much, it's all in the way you splice the
ends together in the conduit box.  If you want, you can make the loop a single
turn with 50 parallel conductors.

-Chuck Harris

paul swed wrote:
> I have used 25 pair telco cable.
> The issue that can happen is the inter pair and strand capacitance can
> exceed the resonance frequency of the loop. Or resonates below 60 KC. Just a
> heads up.
> Using a 3 foot loop was not a problem.
> Regards

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