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P.S. There's a better description (in an article by Bernie Oliver) at:


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Yeah, I remember from the "good old days", we individually calibrated
taut-band meter movements with a HP designed servo-meter calibrator. At
least that's the way we did it for some models. I don't guarantee we did it
that way for all models, though.

The way I remember it, this process (regardless of which division's
instrument was involved) was performed at HP Loveland.

Disclaimer: My memory might be slightly skewed after all these decades.

For description of the taut-band meter movement calibration, see the HP
Journal article at:

I do agree with the other post, though, that *any* saved/scanned scale is
way better than no (or a damaged) scale. In many cases probably a randomly
scanned scale would match a given meter movement good enough for most our


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         Just a quick note...

HP was quite proud that scales for their precision meters were individually
for each movement on a custom made servo controlled photographic calibrator.

An archive might be nice but won't provide the meter accuracy of the
originals produced
for each unit.



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