[time-nuts] Determining Time-Nut infection severity.

pete brown ogoun at lycos.com
Sun Oct 24 23:09:18 EDT 2010

   > Is there a "cadet" grade? I have a GPS receiver with 1PPS output, but
   > it only claims microsecond accuracy. I have an OCXO salvaged from an
   > old Transit satellite navigator, but it claims no better than a few
   > parts in 1e-8. And I've got a Thunderbolt, but haven't found time to
   > apply power to it. So I guess I'm not up to the standards of a true
   > time-nut.
   I think I may also be a cadet time nut...
   I have a Z3816 supplying reference to my test bench gear, and a
   Tymserve 2100 in the rack for NTP.
   I also have a couple of Z3817s, one with the HP hockey puck oscillator,
   and one with the MTS oscillator.
   I also recently picked up a couple of 5062C Cs references,and
   resurrected both (!! lucky me) tubes
   (had to run an external supply to the ion pump for a day or two).
   Currently redesigning the EM power supply curcuitry, and the beam
   current amplifier, for a bit better performance.
   Since we dont have WWVB here in Australia, and since I have an oregon
   weather station that wants WWVB to timesync to, I am also building a
   small WWVB emulator, to make it work correctly.
   Oh, I also have a few Rb references (LPROs), that are fun to play with,
   as well as one of the FEI ones, with the DDS synth.
   Been toying with upgrading the RF stage of the 5062C to something
   similar to what Rick K et al did to create the 5071 Cs ref.
   Also, been looking at the feasibility of using a VC-SEL laser to
   replace the Rb lamp in an Rb ref, to try to improve the performance...
   Oh crap. Am I in denial???
   Please, somebody tell me I am a cadet time nut. (I cant measure ADEV
   yet... This must keep me in cadet class, surely!)

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