[time-nuts] Maintaining boatanchors

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at phk.freebsd.dk
Mon Oct 25 14:13:57 EDT 2010

In message <29C74A478F474F33A04876E50C6CF003 at Inspiron>, "Jason Rabel" writes:

>I wish Symmetricom would release source to the old TrueTime / Datum
>products... But I'm sure most of that source code has been lost

Once I become supreme ruler, to sell any product costing more than
a months work on minimum salary, you would have to file full product
documentation, including source code, with a escrow-agency.  This
information would be released to the public, once the company is
unable or unwilling to help owners with their repair enquiries.

I would also mandate a 10 year warranty on the same products while
I was at it:  It is a pointless waste of resources to design things
to cease functioning after 2 years, when we can build it to last
10 years for less than 25% additional cost in materials.


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