[time-nuts] 60kHz Loop antenna

paul swed paulswedb at gmail.com
Mon Oct 4 14:56:39 UTC 2010

I have used 25 pair telco cable.
The issue that can happen is the inter pair and strand capacitance can
exceed the resonance frequency of the loop. Or resonates below 60 KC. Just a
heads up.
Using a 3 foot loop was not a problem.

On Mon, Oct 4, 2010 at 9:51 AM, Chuck Harris <cfharris at erols.com> wrote:

> Austron uses an 8 conductor piece of ribbon type antenna rotor cable.  They
> connected all 8 strands together so the loop was a single turn.  They used
> a pot core transformer to help match impedance.
> When I made my general purpose loop, I made an octagon shaped loop out of
> 3/4 inch copper pipe, and 45 degree elbows.  I used a cast conduit box for
> the terminations, and a plastic PVC coupler to break continuity at the top
> of the loop.  For the winding, I took a single piece of 25 pair CAT3 cable
> and soldered the wires to form a 50T loop.  I put a toroid balun in the box
> to convert from 50 ohm unbalanced to 50 ohm balanced... I think?
> It works pretty nicely as an antenna for my HP3586C.
> -Chuck Harris
> J. Forster wrote:
>> When I designed mine maybe 20 years ago, I did consider using something
>> like phone cable and ribbon cable, but there was a good performance reason
>> for using the heavier wire. Sadly I can't recall why right now.
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