[time-nuts] Maintaining boatanchors (was Capacitor Failures)

Rick Karlquist richard at karlquist.com
Sun Oct 24 14:53:52 UTC 2010

What they do where I work is to have a separate Virtual Machine
for every version of tools.  Like having a mothballed
computer for each one.  This seemingly solves the
support problem once and for all.

Rick Karlquist N6RK

Chuck Harris wrote:
> When I am doing production software, I check the entire tool chain into
> the version control system.  That way whenever you make a version you will
> be making it in exactly the same way as it was originally done.
> This can be difficult when there are commercial software tools in the
> chain.
> To alleviate that problem, I only use open source software and tools.
> -Chuck Harris
> Hal Murray wrote:
>>> We all start out saying, "This time, we're going to archive things in
>>> an
>>> orderly way, and do it as we go along, and it's going to be a exemplary
>>> situation" and pretty soon, as schedules get tight and budgets tighter,
>>> that good intention goes by the wayside.
>> Modern source-control systems make things a lot easier.
>> Part of it depends on culture.  If everybody expects to find everything
>> they
>> need in the local file system, then it becomes a habit to collect things
>> like
>> copies of data sheets.
>> I tend to be paranoid about putting everything into a make file.  Even
>> if
>> some piece of crap software doesn't have a command line mode, I'll put
>> something in the make file to print out directions.
>> If you are sufficiently paranoid, you also keep track of the software
>> that
>> you used to build things and maybe even the OS it runs on.  That
>> includes
>> utilities as well as compilers, linkers, and CAD systems.  You might
>> even
>> stash away an old PC, just in case.
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