[time-nuts] Maintaining boatanchors

J. Forster jfor at quik.com
Mon Oct 25 18:12:10 UTC 2010

Actually, you are very lucky Nortel is even still answering the phone. The
stockholders were a lot less fortunate.



> This is slightly off on a tangent, but has to do with licenses...
> I had some old Alteon equipment which I needed a firmware update for.
> Nortel bought Alteon, but they continued the products and
> updates (for a while).
> Most the products were EOL (including the one I had), we're talking past
> updates, past support, past everything. HOWEVER, Nortel
> still had files on their website for download. You could download
> documents and such no problems... But firmware files you needed an
> account with certain support level to download.
> So I try to contact Nortel, they tell me I need a service contract so that
> I can download the firmware files. Okay, I ask them to
> for that department. The service department tells me I can't get a
> contract because the products are EOL. So I ask them how am I
> supposed to download the files if I need a service contract, but he's
> telling me I can't get a contract? *sigh*
> After constant pestering, I guess someone there finally felt sorry for me
> and changed my account so that I could *finally* download
> the files... But man, what a freaking zoo...
>> Even if you have the source code, you need to keep the compiling
>> environment in a runable state. This may be problematic since things
>> like licensees may have gone out (nobody payed for them and you can't
>> get a new one), the machines setup for running it has dropped out of
>> service. Maybe some manual work was never automated so some of the magic
>> is in the hands of someone that doesn't work there anymore... or recall
>> it.
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