[time-nuts] Most precise clock ever created - here we go again

Steve Rooke sar10538 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 30 11:12:18 UTC 2010

So if everything is in 2d then nothing has mass as we need volume,
hence a third dimension, for mass surely. If nothing has mass then it
should be possible to travel faster than the speed of light. In a 2d
universe, a lot of the basic laws of physics, we hold dear, just
break, don't they?


On 30 October 2010 09:01, JULIAN TOPOLSKI <jjt99 at msn.com> wrote:
> Researchers at Fermilab are building a “holometer” so they can disprove everything you thought you knew about the universe. More specifically, they are trying to either prove or disprove the somewhat mind-bending notion that the third dimension doesn’t exist at all, and that the 3-D universe we think we live in is nothing more than a hologram. To do so, they are building the most precise clock ever created.
> For the entire article go to this link:
> http://www.popsci.com/science/article/2010-10/fermilab-building-holometer-determine-if-universe-just-hologram
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