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Corby Dawson cdelect at juno.com
Thu Sep 2 07:27:10 UTC 2010

John F.,
The Palladium valve is also known as a palladium leak or a palladium
purifier. In the Maser the use is as the "leak". It would also serve to
purify the H2 BUT any other impurities lodge in the Palladium plug and
can eventually cause it to fail. Early symptoms manifest as having to
heat the plug to higher and higher temperatures to maintain the H2 flow.
When the hydrogen bottle is changed you must perform a purge routine (see
the manual) to allow any foreign gases to be removed. So for maximum life
the Hydrogen should be as pure as possible.
The resonator coil cannot be seen, I can see that it is a bit different
than the manual shows. It was upgraded at some point. I can provide a
picture of another masers coil.
The receiving tank did not heat up all. Since I was going from a higher
pressure tank to a mostly empty tank I don't think compression was
You CANNOT use oil diffusion pumps, even for the rough pumping!
(mechanical roughing pumps are also a no-no.) ANY contamination can
seriously degrade the bulb coating. This can take quite a while to show
up. Since tearing down the maser to replace the storage bulb is
definitely NON-TRIVIAL. Using a turbo pump or vacsorbs are the only
options. I use Vacsorbs as they are simple and quite a bit cheaper than
the turbo.
If your serious, the disassociator splits the hydrogen molecules "H2"
into atoms "H" to allow maser operation. I do have an old Interocitor
screen I could mount on top of the Maser. It would look kinda neat!
John M.,
The original oscillator was an upgrade and did not agree completely with
the manuals schematic. I did get an updated schematic from the vendor and
after much work and completely rebuilding it I still could not get it to
work reliably. I decided to design my own using a low power oscillator to
drive a power amplifier and impedance matching network. This has worked
very well!
Corby Dawson
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