[time-nuts] Maser manual

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Thu Sep 2 12:31:11 UTC 2010

jimlux wrote:
> paul swed wrote:
>> So by those pictures you actually have it working?
>> Crazy question do you just drive down to your local air gas company
>> and by
>> some hydrogen. How do you fill the red bottle?
>> Just down loaded the tech manual earlier printed out the ops manual.
>> Thanks
> Basically, yes.. you can order up a tank of H2 pretty easily. However, I
> would think you need a fairly pure grade (e.g. oxyhydrogen welding grade
> aint gonna cut it)..
> For small amounts, a "lecture bottle" (2 cu ft at STP) would probably be
> the way to go.
> Or, generate it yourself (zinc and acid, for instance)

That won't make pure H2, it will be loaded with water, and
acid fumes.  You will have to apply the same techniques to
clean H2 made that way as you would need to use to clean
welding grade H2.  A nice cryotrap would probably do the

-Chuck Harris

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