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The troubling part of my situation with Century / Embarq is that a hacked router in their plant, doing port forwarding poorly, would do create the issue I saw. The question now is - did they fix it or did the guy doing the forwarding fix his bug? In my case he's going to be sifting through a lot of spam and mailing lists to find anything useful. If it was a security breach, knowing about it would allow people to at least consider what might have been compromised.

Since they have only one network, a problem or hole in the residential network is no different than one in the business network. Other than last mile issues, fixing one fixes the other. 

If people are poking holes in their network, they could just as easily play with timing traffic as anything else. I wonder if there are any bank vaults running on NTP time? Probably not. Lots of bank computers on NTP, and far more money in the computer than the vault.


On Sep 2, 2010, at 12:41 AM, jimlux <jimlux at earthlink.net> wrote:

> Didier Juges wrote:
>> Not unlike Cox. They generally provide great service, but when problems do crop up (rare, but it has happened), the only thing that they guaranty is that you will get their bill in the mail on time. Any more than that is just gravy...
>> Didier
> This is the fundamental difference between consumer service and business service.  Yes, one pays more for the business service, but there's also none of this "best efforts" nonsense.. They say, "we pass X traffic at Y bits per second, and if it breaks, we'll fix it within Z hours, etc."
> It's also why, ultimately, the "phone company" (even the unregulated data services side) is generally better than the "cable TV company"...It's a mindset thing.
> The folks maintaining the physical plant for the former have a "keep the lights on at all cost" mindset. .The folks maintaining the physical plant for the latter have a "well. if it breaks, you're just not being entertained, so we'll rebate a days worth of entertainment on your next bill"
> The VoIP folks over cable will get their mindset straight after a few spectacular "I tried to call 911 but the cable was out" events.
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