[time-nuts] Maser info

J. Forster jfor at quik.com
Thu Sep 2 17:31:13 UTC 2010

> John F.,
> The Palladium valve is also known as a palladium leak or a palladium
> purifier. In the Maser the use is as the "leak". It would also serve to
> purify the H2 BUT any other impurities lodge in the Palladium plug and
> can eventually cause it to fail. Early symptoms manifest as having to
> heat the plug to higher and higher temperatures to maintain the H2 flow.

How about reversing the differential pressure to backflush it, every
decade or so?

> When the hydrogen bottle is changed you must perform a purge routine (see
> the manual) to allow any foreign gases to be removed.

Of course.

> So for maximum life
> the Hydrogen should be as pure as possible.
> The resonator coil cannot be seen, I can see that it is a bit different
> than the manual shows. It was upgraded at some point. I can provide a
> picture of another masers coil.

The manual showed a helix surrounding the bulb. It ocurred to me that it
might be acting as a resonant antenna, rather than just a distributed

> The receiving tank did not heat up all. Since I was going from a higher
> pressure tank to a mostly empty tank I don't think compression was
> involved

The gas pressure in the small tank was increasing, hence it's being 
compressed in the smaller tank. I know Lecture Bottles get warm while
filling to 2000 psi.




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