[time-nuts] Maser (RGA)

J. Forster jfor at quik.com
Thu Sep 2 20:01:08 UTC 2010

> John F.
> I don't have an RGA as there are no leaks to speak of in the Maser.

Well, that's good!

> I do have an annoying leak in my roughing manifold but plan to pump it
> down and spray some helium around the suspect area and see if my
> millitorr gauge will respond.

The choice of stuff to spray may depend on the type of guage you have.

> It's a tiny leak as I can do a pumpdown OK but I'd like to eliminate it!


> Only need to rough when changing pumps an thats's not even a yearly
> event.
> Corby

If the MASER is tight, the pumps should last a long time.




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