[time-nuts] GPS ceramic patch in what plastic housing?

Peter Krengel krengeldatec at gmx.de
Mon Sep 6 19:04:00 UTC 2010

Thank you all for the nice ideas.

During shopping I found some interesting things.

1. disposable sparkling wine glasses made of PE (polyethelene).
    They are made of very thin material (just like the glass onces)
    and the microwave oven test leave them absolutely cold.
    The size is 3.8" (98mm) at the top and the height is about 3.2" (80mm).

    Are they too large? What would be the best size for a cone like that?

2. A shoe polish set. In a 2" (50mm) dia round plastic pot there is a removable sponge which is
   covered by a on top rounded cone (like a rocket noise) made of thin PE (colorless).
   If I remove the sponge a ceramic patch can be placed inside the pot and can be
   water proofed covered by that cone. Microwave test was positive, no heating.
   The cone material seems to be very even in thickness, its no problem to look through.

I think I will try both.

Peter, DG4EK

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