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Tue Sep 7 13:45:11 UTC 2010


Depending on the type of antenna used for your GPS, you might want to 
check the Zenith or vertical angle, and if possible, compare that to 
pre-quake positioning.  Your antenna may now be seeing a change in 
multipath from some nearby environmental change (no pun intended 
under the circumstances) that could cause a difference in reflected 
signals arriving at the antenna.

Many years ago I ran into a combined group on Mt. Wilson, our local 
broadcast farm in the mountains, from Cal Tech and MIT that was 
measuring the movement between Southern California mountains using 
lazers.  While this was scientifically fascinating, it gave me the willies.

Burt, K6OQK

>Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2010 18:08:31 +1200
>From: Steve Rooke <sar10538 at gmail.com>
>Subject: Re: [time-nuts] Freestanding mast
>Well, Steve has been experiencing a LOT of after-shocks, some of which
>are still big enough to move things around and I found I had to grab
>hold of my cup of tea to stop it shaking onto the floor last night. In
>fact these after-shocks are still opening up new cracks in roads and
>causing buildings to fall.
>As for my height position, I have run a few surveys but I'm getting
>varying readings and I wonder if the after-shocks are messing up the
>survey results. The latest one which was during a fairly stable period
>was 6.8 MSL.
>The mast could have sunk a bit or even this whole area could have done
>as I live on reclaimed marsh-land. My Mothers 3 year old house looks
>like it has sunk a bit at one and and risen at the other, ie. it looks
>like it has tipped slightly as her house is built on a concrete
>It wouldn't surprise me if they adjust the height of MSL but I would
>have thought they would have moved it the other way in an attempt to
>forestall fears of the effects of Global Warming.
>Regards from Quake City,

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