[time-nuts] Homebrew WWVB TX simulator?

Bob Clements time&nut* at clements.org
Tue Sep 14 21:57:26 UTC 2010

Hal said:

  I wonder what the range would be using 2 feet of wire for an
  antenna.  Do you want to fix your neighbors clocks too?

I don't think any of my neighbors do time better than a
millisecond.  So as long as the data comes from the main server,
(and I get DUT1 right) I should go undetected as an interloper,
if not undetected as a transmitter.

Which reminds me:  Is there an on-line source, machine parseable,
for the DUT1 and DST and leap-second warning bits?  That would
be useful for both the WWV TX and this WWVB TX.  Is there a
secret NTP++ protocol that I've missed out on?


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