[time-nuts] [qs1r] Looking for good, cheap, external reference

Heathkid heathkid at heathkid.com
Sat Sep 25 18:57:24 UTC 2010

I wouldn't go by the photos posted as even the item shipped is *not* what is 
shown (stock photo?).

Anyway, I've gotten two TBolts (one from each vendor you linked to) and they 
are *identical*.  Same in every way as if from the same stock.  I can say I 
have been very happy with my purchases from both of these vendors (both 
shipped fast and VERY well packaged).

I've opened up both TBolts (both a dark battleship gray color) and they both 
have the Trimble OCXO and v3.00 firmware (on a sticker).  Both have the same 
DS1620 temp sensor... but there is where I have a question.

What is the preferred (better) temperature sensor I've read about?  I have 
searched the archives and have not yet found the right thread I guess.

Has anyone made a list of "these are the components you want to look for 
when purchasing a Thunderbolt"?


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>> Hi,
>> I'm interested in doing some ionospheric research, but I don't
>> want to break
>> the bank with an $8,000 USD GPS disciplined Rubidium clock.
>> Anyone have some ideas on cheaper alternatives?
> Suggest getting one of these, or another one like it:
> http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180419218430
> There are several cheaper ones for sale but make sure you get the 3.00
> firmware and Trimble-labelled OCXO if possible, as they are better
> performers than the older ones.  E.g., avoid item 290308733659 as it's not
> doing well in either the phase noise or ADEV departments, going by the
> photos he's posted.
> -- john, KE5FX
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