[time-nuts] DS1620 Variants in the Thunderbolt

Mark Spencer mspencer12345 at yahoo.ca
Sat Sep 25 23:50:53 UTC 2010

Interesting thanks.  My new to me Thunderbolt was apparently manufactured in Apr 
2004 and appears to have the older higher resolution chip.   I've noticed some 
of the pictures on various auction sites appear to show a label with a 
manufacturing date.    I'll be curious to see when some of the sellers start 
asking for a premium with units with the older chips (:   If I was to buy 
another one I wouldn't mind paying a modest premium for one with the older chip.

I've been favourably impressed with the performance of the Thunderbolt so far.

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Heathkid:"What is the higher resolution variant of the DS1620
and how can one tell the difference from the chip markings?”
If you read the middle line on the DS1620 temperature chip
you may see "0310D1" where the 5th character is a capital
"D". The 03 is the year and the 10 may be the month of the
year. The D1 is the revision code. The "C" version was 
before maybe 2000 so you won't see those unless they are
used as replacements and the "E" ("bad") revision wasn't 
used until late 2004.                                         -Arthur 


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