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Sun Sep 12 16:34:46 UTC 2010

band and took a gamble on that, once confirmed on my first one I  bought a =
couple more:-)
Aside from frequency distribution I was also curious to try them as  LF/MF =
antenna distribution units.
I knew they were likely to be quite noisy at microvolt levels but  there's =
quite a bit of noise at LF anyway and the op amp noise actually  wasn't too=
However, when feeding into a radio with a 30MHz wide spectrum  display the =
effects of those switching regulators are immediately obvious.  They're run=
ning at 100KHz and the harmonics generate a nice picket fence that's  clear=
ly visible up to at least 20MHz.
I'd still like to get rid of those switching regulators altogether but coul=
d really do with a schematic before trying that.
I assume you got a copy of the basic user manual from the seller? If not le=
t me know and I'll send it to you.
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