[time-nuts] Problems with Garmin - maybe we should cut them alittle slack

Arthur Dent golgarfrincham at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 1 00:57:52 UTC 2011

"A GPS is a precision device.
 A Navigator is a consumer device.
 To confuse the two is to fail to understand either."

A navigator IS a GPS. Surveying GPSs may use carrier phase tracking or 
whatever to get about 2mm accuracy. Just because it is optimized for navigation 

of location accuracy and gets about 3m accuracy doesn't mean that a navigator 
isn't a GPS.

 Note that map accuracy has nothing to do with GPS receiver accuracy. Also 
some mapping data has built in errors or incorrect POIs to identify the data in 
case it is copied. For instance, one company's street mapping software I owned 
had, in the small town I live in, a POI that said: "***** Institute Of 

even though there has never been a school there and it was a actually closed gas 




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