[time-nuts] GPS Antenna -Receiver Mutual Interference

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While you can try and run multiple GPS receivers off a single antenna using an off the shelf mini-circuits splitter, a bias tee, and a handful of dc blocks, you're likely to run into just this kind of problem. 

It's more than just the "normal" HP overdesign that has their GPS splitters like the 58535A comprising: 
an input narrowband (L1) filter feeding a low-noise gain block, 
the gain block feeding a splitter, and 
each output leg of the splitter having its own narrow band (L1) filter followed by a pad to improve isolation/return loss. 

73 bob k6rtm in not yet raining silicon valley 

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Yes, I've seen this. On installations in the past, when we were putting up 
dual GPS systems, we always put them at least 10 metres apart. What is 
actually best practice, is to put one at one end of building and the other 
one at the other end. 

Rob Kimberley 

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On Dec 30, 2010, at 6:53 PM, Burt I. Weiner wrote: 
> Has anyone run into a situation where two GPS Navigation type 
Antenna/Receivers interfere with each other? 

It's possible that LO leakage from one is jamming the other. When doing 
mobile GPS receiver testing at work with a single antenna feeding multiple 
receivers through a splitter, we sometimes had to insert attenuators in each 
receiver's antenna feed to keep them from jamming each other. 

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