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I knew someone who worked with 100% isopropanol who said there was some
safety issue with using it in that, if it ignited, the flame was virtually

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> lists at lazygranch.com wrote:
>> Most drug store isopropal contain other chemicals to keep your skin from
>> drying out. You can buy electronics grade isopropal. Cheap enough ($5 for a
>> large bottle) if you have a store that stocks it. Fry's Electronics has it.
>> Of course grain alcohol will do the job.
> cheap "grain neutral spirits" aka plain vodka works very nicely for many
> cleaning/solvent uses.  Except you are paying the $20/proof gallon tax.
> you can also buy 200 proof/100% ethanol at a drugstore, although,
> obviously, once you've opened it, it rapidly starts dropping to 95% because
> it's quite hygroscopic.  We use ethanol to clean spacecraft stuff at work.
>  I can't remember why we don't use isopropanol... obviously, we can buy it
> without any additives so it's not the rubbing alcohol problem.  Other space
> folks do use isopropanol, but maybe JPL had some bad experience and once
> burned, 5000 times shy.  Isopropanol forms an azeotrope with a bit higher
> water percentage than ethanol, but I wouldn't think that's a big deal.
> The problem with most denatured ethanol is that what they add to denature
> it may be fine in perfume or as shellac thinner, but might not be compatible
> with your electronics.
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