[time-nuts] starloc II and hag-240 photos

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Wed Jan 5 11:02:39 UTC 2011

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Are the  other photos on line?

I don't know, it's possible but I don't have any links so you'd need to  
search for them.
Ebay auctions are often a good source of equipment photos.
Similar Motorola modules I'm aware of in that range were the GT, GT+,  UT, 
and UT+.
The GT and GT+ were optimised for navigation and the UT and UT+ for timing  
The UT+ looks to be a direct match for your unit, the GT+ I have here is  
similar but not quite the same, so I was just covering my back in case there  
were any other variants that do match.
Later datasheets for the Starloc II mention the M12 GPS module, also a  
timing receiver, but that's quite a different model.
I've just checked a Starloc II manual and the block diagram there  shows 
the GPS module as UT+ so I'm quite sure that's what you've got.

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