[time-nuts] Looking for Tracor 599 VLF Receiver Manual

woffermom at cs.com woffermom at cs.com
Wed Jan 5 19:47:46 UTC 2011

Subject: Looking for Tracor 599 VLF Receiver Manual

I have acquired a Tracor Series 599 VLF Tracking Receiver system that
I'd like to use for WWVB reception.
I'm curious if anyone has, or knows of, a source of manual(s) for this
system.  It consists of the following units:
Power Supply 599-502
Phase Servo   599-402
AGC-Phase    599-300
Synthesizer    599-102
Receiver         599-203
When I peaked inside the receiver module (the 599-203) I noticed a set
of octal sockets that I suspect accept old style crystal modules to
establish (switch selectable) receive frequencies, so my guess is that
the receiver was set up to receive various Loran stations.
If anyone has any knowledge regarding this system, or knows of a source
for a manual, I'd appreciate some feedback.
Al Burke, WB9SSE
11714 Millstone Dr.
Fort Wayne, IN 46818
woffermom at cs.com

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