[time-nuts] Yes, Virginia, $200 5370B's do happen

Bob Bownes bownes at gmail.com
Thu Jan 6 23:38:49 UTC 2011

After the discussion a few weeks ago, I started looking for a 5370. In
answer to the question about affordable 5370's, yes, there are sub $200
5370's out there. I just acquired one from eBay. Listed as 'won't power up'.
Close look at the pictures showed intact Agilent calibration stickers on the
top/bottom covers, HPIB cable cut off, and possibly, just possibly, the
faint shadow of the 110/220 card set to 220. Figured it was worth a shot, so
I esniped it for $154 + $45 in shipping.

It arrived today. Took it out of the box full of @#$%^@!@#$%! foam peanuts
(anti-static at least), brought it up to the lab, turned it over, and sure
enough, the voltage selector was set to 220. Pop it in the right way, hook
it up to the autotransformer, power it up, and away it goes. It's still
warming up, but it's reading 9.999,999.88443 hz (and climbing slowly) while
listening to my (also warming up) T'bolt.

Only a full checkout will tell, but so far, I'm pretty optimistic.


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