[time-nuts] is my Oncore UT+ dead or live?

ernieperes at aol.com ernieperes at aol.com
Sat Jan 8 10:58:40 UTC 2011

Hi Chris,

use the TAC32 software to initialize the gps board.... probably  when you power up it comes into binary mode,
  not NMEA mode....

Rgds Ernie.

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Subject: [time-nuts] is my Oncore UT+ dead or live?

How does one tell a dead Oncore UT+ from a live one?   Sounds like a
illy question but the user manual says they produce no output until
ou send it some commands.
I connect an older Germin GPS to the same cable and a flood of NMEA
essages appears in a terminal window.  I'm running Linus and just
sing "cat" to send ad receive data.
hris Albertson
edondo Beach, California
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