[time-nuts] 10811 foam enclosure

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Sun Jan 9 18:38:48 UTC 2011

 I have no problems with my 10811 I just want to experiment with ways  to 
improve performance, right now I have several that are in the E-13 range  
between 1 and 100 sec and am getting greedy and looking for ways to improve one 
 of them. Want to take it step by step and not degrade a device. I always 
have  the D/A with the Rb or oscillator and the first tests will be done with 
out a  loop but there are enough wires to place the D/A inside the dewar. I 
may also  use a later D/A.
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Make sure you are working on the correct  problem.

I find that the normal (in accordance with published  specifications) daily 
of the crystal exceeds the daily variation of  frequency with temperature of
a stock 10811 in a benign (office or home)  environment.

If you are seeing frequency variations with temperature,  look at the
stability/regulation of the voltages you are feeding the  oscillator.

Particularly, the stability of the reference you are using  for frequency
control steering of the oscillator.  There are much  better voltage 
sources available today than what Shera  used.

You might be better off putting the control voltage reference in  the 
Dewar, and
leaving the 10811 outside.


--- Graham /  KE9H

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