[time-nuts] Large Qty HP C-Beam Tubes available

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Sat Jan 15 17:25:54 UTC 2011


I, for one would be very willing to take a chance on one or two tubes  
and see if there is any life left in them, but sadly I live in Va.

I have e-mailed a friend in Boulder to see if he ever heads out in  
your direction but I don't think he does very often.

Please keep me in mind if you uncover a way to address the shipping  
issue or if another steps up to buy the lot, as I would be willing to  
contact them as well.

-Brian Justin,  WA1ZMS
Forest, VA

On Jan 15, 2011, at 8:07 AM, "gbusg" <gbusg at comcast.net> wrote:

> Regarding the various discussions regarding CS reservoir depletion...
> I should probably mention that I'm helping the family of my friend,  
> the late
> Chuck Norton (who owned Frequency Standards and Services in Colorado
> Springs) with their sale of the equipment Chuck had in his lab and
> inventory. We've been selling the more "generic" equipment on eBay,  
> but
> holding some of the time & freq. stuff for now in case time-nuts  
> folks want
> some of it.
> There's a large qty of used (mostly HP) Cesium Beam Tubes. I didn't  
> count
> them yet, but going by memory I'd say there might be 10 or 15 of them.
> Probably mostly for the HP 5060A and HP 5061A.
> If anybody's interested, I can inventory the exact part numbers of  
> those
> tubes for you. Keep in mind they're all used tubes in unknown  
> condition. So
> we must assume they don't work. Probably they can be had for a very  
> low,
> reasonable price - but the family says that, due to the DOT-SP11401
> paperwork & complications when shipping cesium beam tubes, they  
> would prefer
> local pickup (in Colorado Springs) on the tubes. So that might make it
> difficult - unless someone will be passing through Colorado Springs,  
> or they
> have suggestions on how to easily ship the tubes?
> Contact me off list if for further information.
> My best,
> Greg
> P.S. There are also quite a few HP 5061A and other similar time &  
> frequency
> pieces (e.g., several HP 5087A, etc.).  I've not yet tested any of  
> that
> stuff, so don't know the condition. Probably at least his main  
> cesium beam
> standard (that was part of his NIST time & frequency service system)  
> works
> well.
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