[time-nuts] GC-1000 Clock Cap Choice?

Brooke Clarke brooke at pacific.net
Sun Jan 16 18:03:38 UTC 2011


More than half the electrolytic caps in this Heathkit GC-1000 Most 
Accurate Clock are bad and I'm trying to come up with modern replacements.

The Tone Decoder board uses a couple of NE567 PLL ICs to capture the 100 
Hz and 1000 Hz WWV tones.  Heathkit used Tantalum caps for the PLL 
output filter.  I'd think something like a low loss electrolytic or 
plastic cap would be better.

Also how about using Aluminum Organic Polymer caps (where there are 
replacements) instead of the plain electrolytic caps?
The plan is to replace all the electrolytic and tantalum caps since the 
ones that are now OK may fail in the near future.

Any thoughts?

Have Fun,

Brooke Clarke

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