[time-nuts] PRS-10 / GPS PPS discipline program

Kevin Rosenberg kevin at rosenberg.net
Sun Jan 16 21:28:09 UTC 2011


I was inspiring by PHK's post of his open-source GPIB monitoring system to mention
that I'm working on remote monitoring and control of my newly acquired PRS-10.
I've read the posts in the lists archive about how the discipline against a
GPS external PPS is not optimal.

I've been working on a C program to display the parameters from my PRS-10 and present its state 
in logical blocks with conversion of raw values to real-world voltages and frequencies. 
That's inspired by Brooke's screenshots of his LabView program. However, since I want to
do remote monitoring, I'm using ncurses to layout the full-screen display so I can monitor
with ssh to my monitoring system. When I get done with that, I'll post it as open-source
to my git repository at http://git.b9.com. 

However, the monitoring is only a portion of what I want the program to do.
I'd also want to add reading from a M12+T's sawtooth correction to get
better short-term stability of the PRS-10's PPS signal. 

Does anyone have a code sample or general thoughts about what to monitor on the PRS-10
and the GPS PPS signal and how to get better short-term stability out of the PRS-10's
PPS signal that using the PRS-10's firmware alone?



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