[time-nuts] Sure Electronics GPS

jim s jws at jwsss.com
Mon Jan 17 04:40:06 UTC 2011

I was looking at one of these units for the conversion project for the 
468 clocks, sounds like these might be good units.  I think I searched 
for gps and rs232 and hit them on the first page.

On 1/16/2011 5:07 PM, Tom Clifton wrote:
> I have purchased many items over the past few years from Sure and have never
> been dissapointed in that I receive.  They do seem to have multiple seller
> accounts, each with different items - sureelectonics sureelectronics1
> sureelectronics2 etc.
> Any way, I did a serch by seller and found a MG1613S Bluetooth/RS232 /USB UART
> GPS Module Demo Board item # 350239551536 by seller sureelectronics1  Don't know
> if this is the exact unit being discussed, but it may be a start.  As usual,
> shipping is from China - delivery will take perhaps 2 weeks but If you aren't in
> a hurry you will probably be happy with what you receive.

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