[time-nuts] Achievable temperature stability for Thunderbolt environment?

Achim Vollhardt avollhar at physik.uzh.ch
Tue Jan 18 08:21:48 UTC 2011

Dear Warren and Mark,

I have hacked together a very simple setup with the transistor circuit 
and the opened Thunderbolt case (not its own case, but the front lid of 
my outer case opened). The CPU fan was placed about 2" away, only 
blowing indirectly into the case..

The results are simply amazing! The temperature pk-pk excursions are 
down to 0.03K, approx. 30x less than before.. and I even have not 
figured out how to tune the controller parameters..
.. which will have to wait. I don't think is useful to tune a hacked 
setup. I will add as much thermal mass (aluminum) into the case as I can 
and do a proper fan installation.. then back to PID tuning.

Thank you very much for this great tool! I wish I knew C/C++ better so I 
would have less problems understanding the code..

73s Achim, DH2VA

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