[time-nuts] Symmetricom CSAC is Cs acting like a Rb unit

Chris Erickson ericksonc2 at comcast.net
Wed Jan 19 07:16:19 UTC 2011

Don't overlook the fact that it also puts out a square wave signal. Great
for a digital clock pulse, but for a clean radio reference you also have to
remember the nature of a square wave - it is an infinite number of odd
harmonics. There's a lot of built in jitter. You'd need to filter the heck
out of it to get it down to a 10 MHz sine wave. The level may then need to
be boosted back up to a usable level.


Really neat device though.


Chris Erickson



>Hi Tom,


   >Well, the phase noise is not as good as other Rb sources that can be

   >had for around $100 that are not much bigger in size.  For example the

   >FE-5650A or even the FE5680A Rb's.


   >Would it be useful ?  That depends upon your operating requirements.

   >For wide band FM at 10 GHz it would be ok, but for narrow SSB I would

   >think it is lacking.  Perhaps John Miles, KE5FX, who has experience

   >with that sort of stuff will chime in.


   >This CSAC device will shine in those areas where power and size really

   >matter.  If you read the supporting literature, a lot of

   >computerization in the form of algorithms were required to tame the

   >beast.  All of that will improve over time.  So this first to market

   >item is interesting but let the big boys pay for it and down the road

   >we mere commoners will reap the benefits.




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