[time-nuts] Completely OT: Removing electrolytics of leaking capacitors from a pcb

Neville Michie namichie at gmail.com
Thu Jan 20 02:52:27 UTC 2011

Acetic acid is volatile, that is why it is smelly. White spirit  
vinegar is fairly pure,
while other types of vinegar have flavourings,  sugars, salt and  

That is good, because when you have finished cleaning up
the final traces will evaporate into the air.
Most other acids are non-volatile and the traces remain forever.
That is not true for hydrochloric acid, which is volatile but it is  
very corrosive
and will cause any iron in the room to rust.
Ammonia is a volatile alkali, good for neutralising acids to soluble
salts, and it is volatile so traces after clean up evaporate.

cheers, Neville Michie

On 20/01/2011, at 12:37 PM, Philip Pemberton wrote:

> On 19/01/11 14:57, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
>> Try a mild acid like citric (lemon-) or citric (vinegar).
> Vinegar would be acetic acid, the same stuff that's used in  
> photographic stop bath (although there are some 'non-smelly'  
> variants based on citric acid).
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