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Those "tests" are quite common in the desert southwest. They show up in the notams. I was "jammed" by Nellis AFB while driving offroad. We had a small 3 car caravan and I was leading the way. The gps lost every satellite. I stopped and had to explain to the cars following me that I had to do the rest of the trip by landmarks so it will go slower. This was during Red Flag exercises and I was close to the range border. 

I talked to the jammers. Their gear is very COTS. Just a RF generator that has two sources. They make band limited noise, then modulate another generator with the noise on the GPS center frequency. 

Another time I was driving I-5 near Lemoore Navy airstation and got a different type of jamming. The whole gps display rotate back and forth. No idea how that jamming was done. 
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Did you guys see this one yet?

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