[time-nuts] Temperature stability for Thunderbolt: results

WarrenS warrensjmail-one at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 29 12:46:46 UTC 2011

Check with Mark, It is probable in there some where as an undocumented 
feature, I know the 'MOON MAN' thing is in there.
I tried LH's temperature controller as a room thermostat once by connecting 
it up to a infrared electric heater thru an isolated SCR switch.

I figured, why just keep the Tbolt constant when you can keep the whole room 
Because it will control a Heater and/or a Fan the hair-dryer thing should 
work also.



On 28/01/11 13:58, Bob Camp wrote:
> Hi
> In the case of the TBolt and LH, the EFC sensitivity can be calibrated 
> against GPS. It's a built in function on version 3.0 and it works pretty 
> well. Over the ranges we're talking about observing for temperature, 
> linearity is not likely to be an issue.
> I do have a wonderful example of how badly all this can go wrong. Snow has 
> been piling up on the GPS antenna over the last couple days. The plots on 
> all of the GPSDO's are going absolutely nuts. You could correlate stuff to 
> temperature, but the more likely relationship would be to the thickness of 
> the snow.
> No method is perfect ....

Maybe a LH controlled hair-dryer to burn off some snow?


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