[time-nuts] Temperature stability for Thunderbolt: results

WarrenS warrensjmail-one at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 29 15:40:08 UTC 2011

Yea, I know, Me too :-)

And there probable is something in LH that will do that, If not now then soon with the next beta3 update.
Two other solutions for the snow. Move your Antenna AND Tbolt to California where there is NO snow, OR
Move your Antenna indoors where hopefully there is no snow.
My indoor antenna works fine for most applications and keeps the freq within a few parts in e-11.
For indoors, It helps to increase the TC by about x2 and set the Elevation up and AMU down some to help it handle the added GPS noise it'll see.



On 29/01/11 13:46, WarrenS wrote:
>> Check with Mark, It is probable in there some where as an undocumented
>> feature, I know the 'MOON MAN' thing is in there.
>> I tried LH's temperature controller as a room thermostat once by
>> connecting it up to a infrared electric heater thru an isolated SCR switch.
>> I figured, why just keep the Tbolt constant when you can keep the whole
>> room constant.
>> Because it will control a Heater and/or a Fan the hair-dryer thing
>> should work also.

>I was discussing hair-dryer mounted on the antenna mast, somewhat 
>jokeingly naturally. The Tbolt would be sitting warm and snow-free 
>inside the house I guess.

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