[time-nuts] Frequency standards for characterizing GPSDO's ?

Mark Spencer mspencer12345 at yahoo.ca
Sat Jan 29 19:53:31 UTC 2011

Greetings I'm looking suggestions for a frequency standard for characterizing 
GPSDO's.   I've got one 10811 (out of 3) that seems to be stable enough to be 
able to use as a frequency reference to draw conclusions about GPSDO performance 
using a 5370B counter in time interval mode.  (It typically takes 
several thousand seconds for a phase wrap to occur.)   I'm contemplating 
acquiring a Rubidium standard as a next step and would be interested in any 
opinions as logical next steps.    That being said I don't see my self acquiring 
a cesium standard or hydrogen maser any time soon (:
Best regards
Mark Spencer

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