[time-nuts] locate 6 digit digital clock

Flemming Larsen oz6oi at yahoo.dk
Wed Jun 8 18:58:03 UTC 2011

Please add my "me-too" to this discussion.

I would like to see a clock that simply tells time,  reminiscent of the ones I put together in the 1970s, but with LED displays
large enough to read from across a darkened room. I would prefer 24-hour format and I want a 6-digit display with seconds.

For accuracy, I would want an internal TCXO, with the option of using a 10 MHz or 1 PPS external signal when available,
but I want the clock to automatically switch to the internal timebase if the external signal is disconnected or lost

With a PIC I would like to see a switch for PDT/PST, so I don't have to reset the clock twice a year. I would also like to see
an option for having the clock be self-setting or self-synchronizing by adding an inexpensive GPS module.

I don't need date and I don't need DOW or DOY as I already have other clocks and watches that give me that information.

It might be useful to have a smaller second line that would show me those, and show me the time in UTC to keep track of
what time it is back in the "old country" when I want to listen to Radio Denmark on the Internet, but this would add to the
complexity and the number of solder points.

And I would like all this to fit in a spare HP 2U half-width rack-mount case that I have saved for that purpose. This would
be a companion to my Thunderbolt GPSDO which is housed in an identical case. One option would be to mount the clock
in the same case as the Thunderbird, and have the second line display your choice of GPS signal.

-- Flemming Larsen, KB6ADS/OZ6OI

Fra:Brooke Clarke <brooke at pacific.net>
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Sendt:7:12 onsdag den 8. juni 2011 
Emne:Re: [time-nuts] locate 6 digit digital clock

By using a PIC you can do much more than just tell time, for example 
display the Day of the Week and because the calendar is good back to 
1800 something you can set the clock back that far and know the DOW.  
The next step was going to be to install a table of leap seconds so 
that  you could replay any of those events in history.  See:

Have Fun,

Brooke Clarke

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