[time-nuts] GPS interference and history...

J. Forster jfor at quik.com
Sat Jun 11 02:21:16 UTC 2011

Maybe the site has other sensors, like seizmographs or groundwater level
that are not obvious.



> lists at rtty.us said:
>> There's an enormous amount of gear out there that gets timing off of
>> GPS.
> That's an interesting claim.  Does anybody have any data on the usage of
> for timing?
> I assume there is one in every cell tower and one in every 911 call
> center.
> Are there other large categories of users?
> What would it cost to replace all of it?  If you wanted to do something
> like
> that, what would "it" cover?  How about people like us running old
> recycled
> gear?  (Z3801A, ThunderBolt, ...)
> I think I saw one last week.  It was on a river level measuring station on
> the Sacramento River.  It was a small block building.  There was an
> antenna
> pointing up into the sky.  I assume there is a satellite up there.  There
> was
> also a small (~3 inch dia) hemisphere antenna. I assume it was GPS.  (They
> had power going into the building (no solar panels) so it should have been
> simple to get a phone line too.)
> I'm not sure why they need GPS at the recording house.  They know where it
> is
> so timing is the only use I can think of.  But they could also get that at
> the receiving end.  Millisecond accuracy isn't helpful.  Second level
> accuracy might be interesting if something breaks and you want to know
> when
> the wave got to downstream stations.  The risetime is probably over a
> second.
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