[time-nuts] locate 6 digit digital clock

Rob Kimberley rk at timing-consultants.com
Sun Jun 12 19:40:05 UTC 2011

Hi Jason,

You got yourself a real bargain there. I used sell the product line in the
UK, and these were mega expensive suckers.  Nice product though. Enjoy!


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Since people are showing off their clocks... I managed to get a Datum /
Bancomm bc632D display from eBay a while back and it's pretty cool.

>From what I can tell, they took an off-the-shelf model from Beta Brite (Now
I think owned by Adaptive) and put an extra board in there with the BNC
connections, and of course their own firmware. From what I can tell most of
those signs are just meant for scrolling text and don't have any time


The bc632D can decode several different time formats (I have it hooked up to
IRIG), it has a RTC so it can flywheel when no input or if you manually
input the date/time. The only quirk is it doesn't decode the year properly,
but once you set it manually it will maintain the correct year (unless you
leave it unplugged for a long time and the onboard battery runs out). You
have a variety of display options, but it's not as customizable as one would
hope. I have it showing the time, then every 30 it will show the date for
5 seconds. Text size is about 2-1/4" high.

I think I paid around $50 for the sign on eBay, but had to pay about another
$40 for a proper power supply (required 7 VAC.. not DC). Still for under
$100 I think it's a deal.

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